Gaddy Surveying & Design, Inc.

"Providing Quality Surveying & Engineering Services"

Our Company

Gaddy Surveying & Design, Inc (GSD) was established in 2008 under one principle, to provide quality land surveying and engineer design services through experience and growth. Understanding the value of positive growth, GSD continues to receive design and project management recognition with infill and numerous master planned urban developments within the metropolitan Atlanta area.

Our unique approach combines a sound financial review of the design, balancing the economical and feasibility of the project with innovation and construction practices that satisfy all environmental concerns. This approach has become even more important to our clients due to the existing economic climate that we are currently working in. Since its inception, GSD has been serving the Metro Atlanta area from our office in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Our ability to provide individual attention to our clients while upholding the highest standards of professionalism is a true symbol of leadership in the development industry.

Licenses & Certificates

  • Georgia Registered Land Surveyor - #2661 - Issued 1/4/1995
  • Georgia Registered Professional Engineer - #17324 - Issued 8/2/1988
  • GSWCC Level IA Certification - Two certified inspectors on staff
  • GSWCC Level II Certified Design Professionals - Two on staff
  • Georgia Engineer Firm - #PEF00540 - Issued 9/17/2008
  • Georgia Land Surveyor Firm - #LSF001014 - Issued 1/4/1995

Professional & Business Associations

  • Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia (SAMSOG)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)
  • Georgia Society of Professional Engineers (GSPE)

Our Staff

One of the biggest aspects that sets Gaddy Surveying & Design apart from our competitors is the quailty and professionalism of our staff. From our survey crew members to our office personnel, GSD's employees strive to be couruteous and provide timely & professional services to our clients. Below is a list of our key personnel that will be handling your next project.

Al H. Ansley, Jr. - Operations / Marketing Manager

Al Ansley is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina and brings over 15 years of experience in the field of business and operations management to our firm. A 1992 graduate of Presbyterian College, Ansley holds a bachelor's degree in business management.

He is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the company in addition to serving as a primary contact with area municipalities. He also manages all financial aspects of the Project Management Department and marketing of the company.

Prior to working GSD, Ansley worked at FocalPoint Engineering overseeing the Project Management Division. He spent more than a decade working at his alma mater in the athletic department in various capacities including Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Information and Game Operations.

Joy Cooper - Office Manager/Human Resources Officer

Joy Cooper serves as our firm's office manager and human resource officer. She has more than twenty years of experience in the construction and insurance fields and is responsible for all aspects of our firm's finances. She is our company's primary contact with our clients in regards to accounts payable and receivable.

Cooper also oversees job scheduling and assists in management of the workflow of our projects through every phase from initial proposal to completion.

Prior to working with GSD, Cooper served in the same capacity at FocalPoint Engineering. She spent over a decade in the insurance field working for the firm of Cliff Davis & Associates prior to transitioning to the surveying & engineering industry with FocalPoint Engineering & Gaddy Surveying & Design, Inc.

Pete Bandi - Survey Department Manager

Pete Bandi serves as our firm's Survey Department Manager. He oversees our survey department staff and field crews while managing the workflow of the department. He is in charge of setup and maintenance of construction staking point databases for both residential and commercial projects. In addition, Bandi is responsible for production of all land survey related documents including: residential as-buiilts, boundary surveys, and preparation of final plats. He serves as the department's primary contact with our clients.

Bandi brings over a decade of surveying experience to our firm in the form of both field and office surveying. Prior to working with GSD, Bandi served in the same capacity at FocalPoint Engineering.

CJ Williams - Residential Manager

CJ Williams serves as our firm's Residential Department Manager. Williams is responsible for all residential department personnel and coordinating job efficiency within the department. In addition, he is in charge of production of all site plan development, and assists in all aspects of plan production for the Engineering Department.

He also serves as the primary contact with local municipalities for his department. He is proficient in AutoCAD operations.

Justin Webster - Party Crew Chief

Justin Webster serves as our firm's Survey Department Crew Chief. Webster has a wealth of experience in the field of land surveying. He is proficient in using various surveying equipment including TDS Recon data collection, Pentax R-326 & Nikon DTM-501 total stations.

Webster got his start with FocalPoint Engineering, moving up the ranks from instrument operator to party chief. He began working for Frank Gaddy at FocalPoint Engineering before transitioning to their current position with GSD.